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Organizing My Weekly Schedule

When I was first given my weekly schedule, I quickly realized I was going to have to sit down for a while and figure out when/where each subject I was going to teach would end up. As a first-time 5th Grade teacher coming from Middle School and High School English, the thought of having to break up the day to fit all of the subjects perfectly into a specific number of minutes for each week gave me a bit of a heart palpitation.

After a lot of trial and error of trying to separate each subject out, I finally came up with the perfect schedule for my class, but it was visually difficult to read. I knew I had to make a schedule that visually made sense to me, but something that I could also share with my students so that they knew what to expect on what day of the week. So I put this schedule together!

As you can see, I color-coded it to organize all of the moving parts in a bit of an easier-to-read fashion. Something that blew my mind after doing this was realizing all of the great prep time I was going to have this year (anything in light blue the students are with another teacher!). It also made me realize just how much time I will have with my kids for ELA, which made me really happy – I was starting to get nervous wondering how on earth I was going to fit everything in (I still am a little nervous about that)!

This was a very simple weekly schedule to make, and you can easily create your own, too! I made it in PowerPoint using the table option, text boxes, and the color fill option. You can download my template for FREE by CLICKING HERE and adjust to your own, specific needs.

The fonts I used in this document are KG All of Me, KG Always a Good Time, and KG Neatly Printed. You do not have to use these same fonts, but if you’d like you can download them to your computer for personal use. There are many tutorials on YouTube that will walk you through how to download a new font.

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Then, pick the date you’re going to teach it in your classroom, and sit back while you watch as your students show up to your classroom pumped about what the day holds…and gush about your class to their parents on the car ride home!

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