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3 Ways to Stay Motivated in March

Hello, Spring! And hello to one of the looonnnggesst months in the classroom. Why is it that March seems to drag so much (it’s almost as bad as January!)? Maybe it’s that long stretch between winter and spring break. Maybe it’s the fact that there are no long weekends to look forward to. Or maybe it’s the promise of warm weather that has us just wishing March would hurry by and bring us to April. Whatever it is, we’ve come up with three ways to stay motivated in the classroom this month. Here’s to surviving the month and dreaming of our spring break vacations….
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Do a spring cleaning and brighten up the classroom. While this might not sound motivating at first, the results will definitely pay off and have you feeling more refreshed. Get your students in on the fun! Devote a period or afternoon to cleaning out desks, lockers, closets, dusting the bookshelves, etc. … Kids love this stuff and you’ll have plenty of eager helpers, whatever the age you teach. Give your room a mini makeover and add some spring decor to the bulletin boards and door.

Bring some luck of the Irish to your students and a little fun to the month of March. Print out these cute shamrock homework passes, and on St. Patrick’s Day, leave them on your students’ desks. They are sure to appreciate the kind gesture. Bonus for you, while they get out of one assignment, you have less to grade!

Break away from the winter doldrums and shake things up in your classroom. We’ve created this Classroom Community Challenge with a small, but fun activity to do each day. You could keep the activities a surprise or display the calendar in your classroom and anticipate the fun that is to come. We did this with our fifth graders this winter and our kids LOVED it! (As in, it was the first thing they asked about each day!)

What are some of the ways you stay motivated during March? Share with us in the comments below!
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3 easy tips and tricks for you - the teacher - to stay motivated during the month of March! Includes a free shamrock homework pass download to use in your classroom!

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