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How to Collect and Pass Back Student Papers

We must admit, it took us quite some time to discover a method to pass back and collect student papers that worked seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively. But!! we think we’ve found it …!
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First, let’s talk about how to collect student papers.

This great ideas was found from Kristine over at Young Teacher Love – thank you, Kristine! Every student in our classes has a number (as your’s may as well). The red folder on the wall (our homework wall) also has numbers that correspond to the student number. When we have to collect papers from the students (homework, quizzes, tests, permission slips, virtually anything), we have them put their assignment in the folder.

As you can see from the picture below, some folders have nothing in them! This is great because, right away, we know who hasn’t turned in their homework. We don’t have to wait until we get home later and are correcting their papers to realize that Steve hasn’t turned his homework in.

Obviously, you could make these a lot cuter if you wanted to!). Because the folders are numbered, they can be used across multiple grade levels and for many years. CLICK HERE to grab these great hanging folders!

Alright, now let’s chat about how to pass papers back.

This is just as easy. As soon as everything is corrected, we put our student assignments / tests / etc. in these numbered folders in our filing container. At the end of the week (or whenever you’d like), we have students simply collect all of the items in the folder. No more walking all over the classroom passing back papers. No more chaos at the end of the day. It is simple and brilliant.

Again, we used numbers so we can use for years to come! If you have more than one class, you could color-code or utilize different filing containers.

Want to see a live video of how this works in the classroom? CLICK HERE to watch as Caitlin shares how this is set up in her classroom!

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  • I have a different pick up set up, but I like yours better.


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