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Romeo and Juliet Bulletin Board – Easy and Interactive

This is a quick and easy post that walks you closely through how I set up my Romeo and Juliet Bulletin Board for our reading of the play.

Although I have my bulletin boards set up as three separate ones, you absolutely could do this within one bulletin board and just use washi tape if you’d like to create a separation between the three categories.

I wanted it to be a bit easier for my students to keep track of which character is a part of which family and who was who, so this interactive bulletin board was just the trick to do that!

My Romeo and Juliet Bulletin Board

Romeo and Juliet Bulletin Board Idea

First, I cut out the letters for each of the categories (none, Capulet, and Montague). Instead of cutting out the letters completely, I just printed four big letters per sheet and cut a square around the letter – MUCH easier than trying to cut around the actual letter, itself!

Second, I typed up and printed out the names of all of the characters from the play. I chose to do a scripted font just to break up the text a little bit.

None Characters:

  • Prince Escalus
  • Mercutio (you could also add him to the Montague side!)
  • Paris (you could also add to Capulet side!)
  • Friar Lawrence
  • Apothecary
  • The Chorus
  • Fr. John

Capulet Characters:

  • Juliet
  • Capulet
  • Lady Capulet
  • Tybalt
  • Nurse
  • Samson + Gregory
  • Peter

Montague Characters:

  • Romeo
  • Montague
  • Lady Montague
  • Benvolio
  • Balthazar

I also printed out images from the Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes film and put those on each of the bulletin boards 🙂

Third, I had the students interact with the bulletin board by writing down notes with characterizations of each character as we learned more about them throughout the reading of the play.

Now students have a place where they can easily supplement their notes from class with the help of their classmates. Talk about an easy and effective bulletin board (love it when that happens)!

If you’re looking for even more Romeo and Juliet ideas, we have two great blog posts for you as well:

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