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Ep 35: A Common Mistake You Might Be Making as a Writing Teacher

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It is very possible that today’s podcast episode will completely contradict a major component of the way you teach literary analysis.

In the episode, we reveal our third game-changing strategy for teaching Evidence-Based Writing, and we’re asking you to take a breath, suspend judgement for a moment, and allow us to walk you through exactly why we believe in this strategy, even though it goes against the grain.  

Wondering about the first and second strategies we share?

  1. Check out Episode 33: Hook and introduce Students to Literary Analysis (with a print-and-teach freebie!)  
  2. Listen to Episode 34: Eliminate Students’ Writers Block!

This intentional teaching strategy was born from complete and utter overwhelm – overwhelmed students and overwhelmed teachers. Can you relate?

Do you dread the process of teaching literary analysis because every time you assign the prompt, class spirals into a storm of blank stares, off-task behavior, frustrated students, and the desire to clone yourself 25 times?

Do you end class completely exhausted from desperately trying to assist a room full of children who don’t know how to identify a strong piece of textual evidence, aren’t sure how to integrate a quote into a paragraph, and don’t know how to demonstrate the evolution of a character or plot element throughout a piece of text?

Yup. We’ve been there too.

Just thinking about those days gives me a headache! Luckily, teaching literary analysis does NOT have to be that way!

In today’s episode we’ll cover: 

  • [2:50] Learn about a new FREE mini training video, Juggling the Art of Justification, created specifically so that you can help your students improve their analysis skills. 
  • [5:22] Discover the game-changing strategy we use to eliminate student and teacher overwhelm when writing an evidence-based response. 

Click here to listen now!

Listener Shoutout:

Malia, you just made my day! It is always my goal to leave listeners with a meaningful and easy-to-implement strategy by the end of each episode. I’m so glad we can connect through the podcast!  

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