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Ep 36: Why Students’ Writing Sometimes Sucks and What We Can Do About It

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Do you know what sucks? Grading crappy student writing. There. I said it. 

But I’m guessing you didn’t need me to tell you that. 

You’ve probably been there, and we have too. We know the emotional roller coaster and the tremendous time suck that accompanies scoring this kind of writing. 

  • First, you likely experience shock. You likely think, Woah! They learned how to do this in the fourth grade. Why are they making that mistake?
  • Then, comes the frustration. We went over this EVERY day last week! I guess no one listens in class anymore!
  • Next, the insecurity surfaces. Am I not a good teacher? Why didn’t anyone get this? Am I cut out for this job?

And alongside all of these feelings are the desperate glances at the clock as you watch hour after hour tick by knowing that you’re not even halfway through the papers that require intensive feedback.

There IS a way to alter instruction to prevent this, though. And a change is necessary because spending too much time on feedback and trying to address bad writing after the fact leads to only one thing: teacher burnout.

Fortunately, in this week’s episode, I share the simple strategy that will prevent crappy writing forever! It will truly change the game, but it will require some effort upfront on your part.

Are you ready to feel MORE successful and LESS overwhelmed? Then this podcast episode is for you!

Listen in to hear how to transform your students’ next writing piece – today. 

And if you’re new to this writing professional development podcast series, click here to get started with Episode 33

Today you’ll hear:

  • [01:10] A recap of our in-person professional development series at a school in the Bay Area
  • [03:22] How to learn more about our online course, Writing Instruction: A Proven Approach
  • [05:27] The common attributes of student writing that sucks
  • [08:06] The mistake you might be making in your instruction, and the simple solution that will elevate the quality of your students’ writing every single time! 
  • [08:45] The limiting beliefs you might have around implementing this solution
  • [11:10] The exact strategy we use to implement our solution to crappy writing
  • [16:24] A personal invitation to our mini video training on improving students’ justification and analysis

Click here to listen now!

Listener Shoutout:

Malia, you just made my day! It is always my goal to leave listeners with a meaningful and easy-to-implement strategy by the end of each episode. I’m so glad we can connect through the podcast!  

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