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Ep 37: Our Stories

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What is YOUR teaching story? 

Really think about that. What is your story? Because the truth is, teaching is not quite like any other career. It is a profession fueled by passion, collaboration, and inspiration. It is an art and a science, both honed over time. 

It is a profession that relies upon a strong sense of self, and it can be the most rewarding work, but also the most draining. 

This week, Jessica and I share our teaching stories. Our careers were not straight lines, rather, windy paths that helped us grow and evolve into the educators we are today. 

Whether you are a seasoned professional, or a brand new teacher, we hope that this week’s episode offers you an opportunity to reflect on your career thus far and have courage to advocate for yourself, find your passion, and run with your strengths in the classroom.  

Today you’ll hear:

  • [1:12] Jessica’s teaching story
  • [06:22] Three turning points in Jessica’s teaching career that have gotten her to where she is today
  • [06:43] Caitlin’s teaching story
  • [13:00] The biggest mistake, and then turning point, in Caitlin’s career
  • [16:05] How to sign up for our game-changing course: Writing Instruction: A Proven Approach

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Listener Shoutout:

This is truly our why. Sharing our experiences so that other teachers can find more joy and fulfillment in their career is our passion. Thank you for making our day!

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