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Ep 33: Hooking Your Students With A Murder Mystery

Literary Analysis Posters

Download your FREE murder mystery lesson here.

This week, Jessica and I get to do what we love most – hunker down, in-person, with other teachers to help them enhance their writing instruction. 

We’ll be at a local school helping ELA teachers implement our writing program, Writing Instruction: A Proven Approach. The program is all about how to take your students’ literary analysis to the next level – and keep it there! 

Let’s face it … literary analysis is tough, and pouring your heart and soul into teaching your students how to do it, only to be seriously disappointed come grading time, is draining and frustrating. 

We’ve been there, and thankfully, we’ve developed an approach that has delivered incredible results for our students year after year. 

Today, I’m sharing the first part of a multi-week series that will leave you with concrete, easy-to-implement strategies to improve your students’ writing now. 

Don’t forget to snag your FREE murder mystery lesson HERE!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • [3:35] The different ways evidence-based writing can be incorporated into the ELA classroom.
  • [5:45] A highly engaging activity you can use TODAY to introduce students to the different components of the evidence-based writing framework.
  • [7:10] Directions for downloading the introductory activity for FREE at ebacademics.com/memberwaitlist 
  • [9:50] Up next week, I’ll discuss how to completely eliminate writer’s block. Join me!

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Listener Shoutout:

Feedback like this means the world to me. After years of teaching writing and finding success in my classroom, it is so special to be able to share what I know with educators everywhere!

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