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Ep 38: How One Teacher Stepped into the Mindset of What’s Possible

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Is anyone out there feeling like a “bad teacher”?

You can admit it. Seriously.  

Because I’m here to tell you that every SINGLE teacher has been there. And often too many times to count because, dang it! This job is hard! 

It’s officially December. Everyone is tired, and everyone is torn between survival mode and wanting to make the most of the last three weeks before break. But when energy is low, and holiday obligations pop up all over the calendar, it can be a huge challenge to create innovative and rigorous lessons night after night. 

The exhaustion, stress, and overwhelm you might be feeling all come from that day-by-day planning. It drains you and then leaves you wondering if you’re even making a difference for your students. And more often than not, disjointed (albeit creative and fun lessons) don’t always lead to true and lasting educational outcomes for kids.

This week’s episode is really special because you are going to hear from Nancy, one of the first teachers to take our online professional development course. She is a teacher who has been there, and who has also seen how different teaching can feel with a strong teaching framework backed by successful outcomes from hundreds of students. Whether you’re feeling the December overwhelm or just looking to improve your teaching practice, this episode is for you!

I hope Nancy’s success story is as much of an inspiration to you as it was to us! Tune in to hear all about her transformation as a writing teacher. 

Today you’ll hear:

  • [00:30] Learn about the  Writing Instruction: A Proven Approach community!
  • [04:50] Nancy’s teaching background 
  • [05:57] Nancy’s experience being asked to teach writing, but not really knowing how
  • [06:58] Nancy’s trial and error in learning how to teach writing
  • [08:12] Nancy’s reaction to discovering: Writing Instruction: A Proven Approach and her transformation
  • [21:20] How to join the waitlist for the course

Click here to listen now!

Listener Shoutout:

There is nothing more exciting (or overwhelming) than being a brand new teacher. Wishing you a wonderful school year, and we are so honored to be a part of your journey! Teaching is truly a career in being a lifelong learner, so I am very glad that the podcast is helping you learn and grow!

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