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Ep 39: Growing as a Teacher During Your First Years

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“I need to do something.” 

Those were Jessica’s exact words partway through her first year of teaching high school ELA. Like many first year teaching experiences, Jessica’s was, at times, stressful, overwhelming, and frustrating. She especially struggled when it came to teaching writing.  

She used to view students’ writing assignments as a hurdle to get through and felt tremendous relief when she could finally grade them and put them behind her each semester.

Even though Jessica had a strong desire to teach writing in a meaningful way, she wasn’t sure of exactly how to do so. Feel familiar to anyone else?

Honestly, I don’t know any teachers who were specifically trained in college on how to effectively teach writing. It’s a completely crazy reality that usually leads to students and teachers struggling with overwhelm and frustration all year long.

But no teacher should have to feel that way about writing instruction. And thankfully, Jessica stumbled upon our Instagram profile last year, signed up for our writing instruction course, and completely shifted her confidence and success as a writing teacher. 

The story she shares truly demonstrates that the passion and natural gift you have in the classroom is only fully unlocked with the right training and tools.  

Tune in to hear her transformation and advice for other teachers struggling with similar challenges. 

Today you’ll hear:

  • [01:40] Jessica’s teaching story
  • [08:50] How Jessica modified the: Writing Instruction: A Proven Approach framework to meet the needs of her students and classwork
  • [11:08] Jessica’s students’ writing transformations as a result of the Writing Instruction: A Proven Approach framework

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Listener Shoutout:

I am cheering you on! Teaching four grade levels certainly is a large undertaking, but I could not be happier to be able to support you through the podcast. Your feedback has made my day!

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