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Ep 41: How TAG and the EBW Approach Changed Everything for One Teacher


When veteran teacher, Sarah, described her writing instruction, she admitted that it was pieced together, sometimes spur-of-the-moment, and not always as cohesive as she wanted it to be. But all of that seemed normal. 

It wasn’t until last year, when Sarah took our course, Writing Instruction, A Proven Approach, that she realized how differently teaching writing could feel. 

Gone were the days of scrambling to put together a lesson plan idea she thought of in the car or haphazardly piecing together a few different resources from TpT.  The evidence-based writing framework shared in our course became all she needed to succeed with her students.

Listen to today’s episode to hear how implementing our framework not only enhanced Sarah’s teaching confidence, but also dramatically improved her students’ standardized test scores! 

Tune in to hear: 

  • [00:35] Your official invite to the Rockstar Writing Teacher Training
  • [05:09] Sarah’s teaching background
  • [07:00] What Sarah was like as a writing teaching before taking our writing course
  • [12:31] What changed for Sarah and her students after she took Writing Instruction, A Proven Approach
  • [17:40] How TAG changed the game for Sarah and her students!

Click here to listen now!

Listener Shoutout:

Thank you so much for that feedback, Cassie! Some might think we’re crazy, but we LOVE middle schoolers! I’m so glad we can provide specific strategies and tips for you to make your teaching life a little easier. 

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