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Ep 43: Two Big Decisions I Wish I Had Made Sooner and Why You Should Make Them Now

Eraser that says oops on it

What if there are things you do in your classroom, every day, that you should be doing differently? And what if you don’t even realize that you’re making these mistakes? 

Most of us are aware of some professional skills we could improve upon. Maybe we know that by the end of the day, we become a little less patient, or perhaps we’ve noticed that we should create a better organizational system for incoming student work. 

But putting egos aside for a moment, I want you to consider that some of your current teaching practices could, and should, be changed completely. Looking back, I certainly found that to be the case for me.

Without a strong team of coworkers or professional role model, consistent reflection, and quality professional development, our teaching practices can become stagnant and ineffective, and student progress can lag.  

Sadly, many teachers and districts lack the culture or quality professional growth opportunities  necessary to cultivate masterful educators. 

Fortunately, in this week’s episode, you can learn from my reflection and growth in order to improve your own practice.

Today I share two of the biggest mistakes I made as a writing teacher in my career, and the decisions I made that dramatically improved my teaching and student outcomes. Teaching is an insanely challenging profession that requires countless skills. There’s always room for improvement, and learning from each other is one of the best strategies to maintain growth and analyze our own skills and methods.  

I am so excited about today’s episode because it is going to completely shift the way you think about teaching writing. 

And if you want all the tools I used to go from a mediocre to masterful writing teacher, join over a thousand other teachers who have changed their teaching lives by taking our course, Writing Instruction, A Proven Approach

Today you’ll hear:

  • [05:25] The first decision I wish I had made sooner as a writing teacher 
  • [06:45] How that decision completely changed students’ success and progress in all areas of their classwork
  • [11:16] A little bit about our online writing course: Writing Instruction, A Proven Approach
  • [14:16] The second decision I wish I had made sooner 
  • [19:10] How the decision impacted our students for years! 

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Listener Shoutout:

Thank you so much for this feedback. It makes me SO happy to know that I, in even a small way, am with you on your journey as an educator! 

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