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Ep 44: Your Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back

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I’m a bad writer, so I can’t teach writing. 

There’s not enough time in my curriculum to truly teach how to write. 

My students just aren’t good at writing. They don’t have the skills, no matter what I provide for them.

My students hate writing, so they will never put in the effort necessary to improve. 

Are any of those thoughts familiar? Most of us have probably either had them or heard them at one point or another in our teaching career. 

When those thoughts become the soundtrack in your head, you’re creating a reality for yourself and for your classroom that may not be based in what is true or possible. 

Our thoughts are incredibly powerful, and ultimately, they influence our experiences. Without even realizing it, our negative thoughts can affect the learning opportunities we make available to our students, and consequently, students’ outcomes. 

Today’s episode will offer you the opportunity to reflect on your internal dialogue with me and dig into the beliefs that may be holding you back as a teacher. Even if you don’t think your thoughts are impacting your role as an educator, you will likely be able to relate to, and learn from, some of my limiting beliefs in this episode. 

Teaching is as much a scientific profession as it is an artistic and emotional one. Consistent reflection and analysis of our practices and beliefs is essential in continuing to grow and reach for new possibilities as an educator.  

Listen in, reflect alongside me, and get ready to make 2020 YOUR year in the classroom. Restore your confidence, reflect, and grow.  This year holds endless possibilities.

And if you’re looking for a community of writing teachers doing the exact same thing, join our course, Writing Instruction: A Proven Approach. Doors are now open, and over a thousand other educators, just like you, are working with us to make this year a turning point in their educational career. 

Tune in to hear:

  • [00:40] Doors are open! Join over a thousand other educators in our course, Writing Instruction, A Proven Approach
  • [2:08] How our limiting beliefs are impacting our students
  • [3:50] How to shift your internal dialogue and change student outcomes
  • [5:28] How to join our FREE training and Writing Rockstar FB group!
  • [5:58] A helpful analogy that will boost your teaching confidence
  • [8:44] Reflect with me about what your limiting beliefs might be

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Listener Shoutout:

Thank you so much for your feedback, Jessica! We love providing tips and tricks that you can implement right away! 

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