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Ep 47: Why Rigorous Lessons Are Not Enough

Do me a favor and, right now,  I want you to sit back and imagine yourself in your last school professional development session or faculty meeting. 

Now, tell me this. Were you riveted? Were you on the edge of your seat? Did you learn a ton?

…my guess is no. And it’s my guess because I’ve been there myself, and I hear from teachers EVERY day who tell me that they lack quality PD in their districts. 

The sad thing is, your presenter probably put a lot of time and effort into their presentation. They probably thought really carefully about how to put everything together and, in all likelihood, they were really excited about the topic of their presentation. 

But the problem is–if you weren’t engaged, it didn’t matter if the topic was a fix for every problematic student behavior imaginable–you weren’t going to get a lot out of it. 

It is the SAME for our students. 

No matter how passionate you are about poetic devices or text structure, no matter how rigorous and carefully planned your lesson was,  if it was not engaging to your students, a huge learning opportunity was missed. And when this happens enough times, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, burned out, and defeated. 

I know that’s not how any of us imagined feeling in our classroom when we decided to become teachers.  We became teachers to be creative, have fun with kids, and change lives. But too many teachers are drowning — we hear it all the time, and we totally get it. 

In today’s episode, I share how the teachers we work with incorporate more engaging lessons into their classrooms without sacrificing every night and weekend. The secret: get support and get started. 

If this sounds like something you know you need to regain your confidence in the classroom,  I’d love to share more information about the EB Teachers’ Club with you. We’ll be opening enrollment on February 20th, and I want to invite you to add your name to our waitlist, so you’ll be one of the first teachers notified when we do open our doors. Plus, when you sign up for our waitlist, you’ll learn even more about the EB Teachers’ Club and be able to grab an incredible free lesson download that your students will love. 

Today you will hear:

  • [02:13] Why you don’t get a lot out of most district PDs
  • [06:54] The consequences of a non-engaging lesson
  • [08:20] How to create engaging lesson plans that work
  • [09:00] The “Why” behind the EB Teacher’s Club
  • [10:42] Where you can learn about our free lesson download and information about our membership, The EB Teacher’s Club

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Listener Shoutout:

I’m so thrilled you can apply what we discuss on the podcast right to your classroom! Thank you for this feedback, it truly makes our day. 

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