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Ep 48: Are You Somebody’s Ms. Neilan?

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Are you like me? Do you have a teacher from your past who, to this day, remains vivid in your mind? Whose classroom you can picture, and whose lessons you can still recall participating in? 

For me, that teacher is Ms. Neilan. Back in high school, every time I walked into her room, I knew the class was in for a fun game, group activity, or skit. Most of the time, I don’t even think we knew we were learning–her lessons were that engaging. 

And her creative planning and clear passion for her subject area inspired me to be the educator I am today–one who values engagement and rigor above all else. I am a teacher who believes in pushing her students, but doing so on the sly, so that students don’t groan at the start of every lesson. I loved planning for my students, and I loved the feeling of knocking a lesson out of the park.

But after nine years in the classroom, I had children of my own. The hours after school that I used to dedicate to developing fresh and exciting lesson plans all but disappeared. 

The energy and time I used to have for creative planning was zapped by my other responsibilities, and I started to lose my spark. 

Can any of you relate? If so, I totally get it because I was there, and now, I work tirelessly outside the classroom to provide teachers across the country with engaging lessons, keeping Ms. Nielan in mind. 

The good news is, if you fear that you’ll never feel that spark again, or never have enough time to plan truly engaging lessons, we’ve got you covered. Because we want you to feel like the educator you dreamed of becoming when you first fell in love with a teacher’s style, unit plan, or general energy in a classroom. 

Listen in today to hear how you can rediscover your spark without spending nights and weekends working. We’re here to help.

Today you will hear:

  • [00:53] Jessica, the other half of EB Academics, takes over the podcast!
  • [01:10] Jessica’s role in EB Academics
  • [01:20] Jessica’s “Why” as an educator
  • [02:45] How you can be like the teacher who inspired Jessica’s career
  • [06:40] How to turn your year around if you feel that you’ve “lost your spark”
  • [08:15] Where you can learn about our free lesson download and information about our membership, The EB Teacher’s Club

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Listener Shoutout:

This review means the world to us! It is so special to us that we get to, literally, be in your ear as you drive to work. I’m so happy we can help make your teaching life a little bit easier! 

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