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Ep 50: Teachers’ Club Case Study with Monica Jayasinghe

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Today’s episode is for every teacher who, midday, looks at their desk, to-do list, turn-in bins, whiteboard, and bulletin boards and thinks: how am I going to get this all done? 

This episode is for any teacher who knows the feeling of glancing at the clock, realizing that kids return to class in five minutes, and thinking: I hardly accomplished anything! 

I know that sinking, frantic feeling of, but I’m not ready for tomorrow. I understand the overwhelming sense that there is simply not enough time in the day to prioritize teaching, family, friends, and rest and relaxation. 

Teaching truly can take over your whole life. It can monopolize your head space, seep into your evenings and weekends at home, and pull you away from the other parts of your life that make you the interesting, fabulous, and happy person that you are. 

Over the years, I have heard nearly every single coworker share feelings of overwhelm and frustration. I have seen those feelings spiral into burnout in the classroom. Teaching is so dang hard, and it killed me to watch incredible educators feel powerless against the demands on their time. 

If you, or any teacher you know, has any of these thoughts or feelings, today’s episode is meant for you. I was so excited to speak with Monica Jayasinghe, a fabulous sixth grade teacher who joined our EB Teacher’s Club in July. Like so many of the teachers we work with and hear from, Monica loved her job, but after switching grade levels and having her daughter, Monica knew that something had to change. 

She used to spend several hours each evening planning for school, but with a baby at home, that wasn’t a possibility anymore. She joined the EB Teacher’s Club this past summer, and today she shares how it completely transformed her teaching experience. 

She explains how the carefully created monthly bundles that are delivered to her email inbox not only ease her stress, but also improve her experiences in the classroom. As a result of implementing the EB Teacher’s Club lessons, students she had rarely seen excited in school began participating more and truly engaging with the unit’s content. Her behavior management became simpler because students were so eager to learn from the EB Teacher’s Club engaging lesson plans and topics. Monica also described why any hesitation she had about joining the EB Teacher’s Club completely disappeared after becoming a member.  

This episode could not have been more fun to record because Monica’s story truly lit up my heart. Hearing that she can breathe easy knowing her lessons are fun, standards-aligned, and administration-approved makes my day. Our entire goal in creating the EB Teacher’s Club was to give you back your time and life outside of school, while still being the kick-ass teacher you know you can be. Listen in to hear how it is COMPLETELY possible to have it all as a teacher. 

Today you will hear:

  • [00:50] How to join the EB Teacher’s Club Waitlist 
  • [02:19] Monica’s teaching background
  • [03:30] Why Monica joined the Eb Teacher’s Club
  • [05:50] How the EB Teacher’s Club changed Monica’s life and teaching experience
  • [07:45] Monica’s experience with EB Teacher’s Club lesson plans
  • [11:45] Monica’s opinion on the value of the EB Teacher’s Club. If you’re on the fence, listen to THIS. 

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  • I LOVED this episode with Monica! I joined EB Teachers’ Club for the same reason- so that when I get back from maternity leave, I’m able to have a balance between work and home life. Sounds like our babies were even born the same month; last March!! It’s so great being part of a community that can share their experiences and where we can relate to one another!!

    • Melissa, this makes us so happy to hear! We truly have the best community of teachers, and I’m so glad we can create some ease for you in your teaching life.


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