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Ep 52: Case Study With Alexa Borota

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I’m sure you can all relate to a feeling that Alexa so openly shared with me today. Sometimes, as teachers, we find ourselves in a rut–lacking inspiration, energy, or confidence in the classroom.

It could be due to a particular unit that isn’t clicking, some classroom personalities that aren’t quite jiving, or simply a time when life outside of school is so hectic, draining, or challenging that our happiness and success at work are affected. 

While these feelings and seasons in teaching are totally normal, they still completely suck. There is no doubt about it. Fortunately, Alexa stumbled upon our podcast during one of these very seasons, and in her words, the rest is history! 

Despite being hesitant to invest in the EB Teacher’s Club, since becoming a member, Alexa has regained her enthusiasm and energy in the classroom. She is able to use the Teacher’s Club website and resources as she sees fit, choosing lessons that build on the skills and content she is teaching. She’s seen tremendous gains and engagement in her students, and she has cut down on her time spent planning tremendously. 

Listen in to today’s episode to get all the details on why Alexa would recommend the EB Teacher’s Club to any teacher looking to gain back their time and their spark in the classroom. 

Today you will hear:

  • [00:30] All about The EB Teacher’s Club opening soon! Plus, a FREE lesson for you.
  • [00:30] Alexa’s teaching background and experience 
  • [04:25] How Alexa came across EB Academics
  • [05:45] What Alexa’s life was like before becoming an EB Teacher’s Club Member
  • [09:09] How Alexa’s life has changed since joining the EB Teacher’s Club
  • [09:50] What hooked Alexa about the EB Academics Member Website
  • [15:00] Alexa’s suggestions for anyone who isn’t sure if they should join the club

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  • I had quit doing bell work and was having my students read every Friday for 45-50 minutes. Even with a brain break, the sustained reading was difficult for sever 7th graders. Since listening to the podcast, I have reinstated bell work, and we are ending class with ten minutes of silent reading. The students are loving the change to reading. Not so excited yet about the bell work, though.

    • Sherry, I’m so glad you’re trying these tools out! It’s definitely a bit of trial and error because every group of students is so different.


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