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Ep 53: The Best Way to Start and End your ELA Class

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Right now, I want you to sit back and imagine a scenario that you may be familiar with in your classroom. The bell has just rung, kids are coming into the room, finding their seats, and taking their binders out. One student who was absent yesterday calls you over to talk about what they missed, and as you try to explain the assignments, you suddenly realize the whole room has gotten much louder. 

Students are talking, some are out of their seats, and others are playing catch with an eraser. At that moment, you know that you have totally lost control of the room. There is zero productivity among your students and in order to get everyone refocused and on task, it’s likely going to take you raising your voice and redirecting students several times. 

Have you been there? Because that totally happened to me many times in the beginning of my career. And I hear, every day, how many teachers are still struggling with this very component of classroom management.   

Teachers consistently reach out to us asking how to make their classrooms run more smoothly because they are struggling to accomplish everything that needs to get done in a single period. 

Think about it. Teachers are expected to manage taking attendance, checking homework, chatting with students about missing work or grades, passing out all the things, and collecting others–all while keeping twenty to thirty kids learning. In a 45 minute period, we are expected to do it all! 

Luckily, this problem of classroom chaos is probably one of the few things in teaching that has a shockingly simple solution. And I mean SO simple. I promise you, if you give my suggestions today a try, you will see massive improvements in not only your students’ focus and productivity, but also in your ability to be calm and accomplish all the logistical and organizational pieces that make a great classroom. 

And the truth is, if you don’t have a set plan in place for the beginning and end of your classes, you’re going to continue to struggle to get students’ attention, dive into your lesson, and even share important announcements. It’s going to affect your classroom community and your presence in the room.  

The strategies shared in today’s episode were a game changer for me in my room. I went from feeling pulled in a million directions every period to handling everything calmly and with purpose. Listen in to hear how implementing a consistent routine, standards-based bell ringers, and silent reading time will change your entire teaching experience. 

Plus, if you are looking to improve your lesson plans, save time, and engage students more fully each day, join us for our FREE Live Training on Strategic Lesson Planning: The 3 Must-Have Strategies for A Successful and Stress-Free ELA Program. We can’t wait to help you feel successful and confident each day about your lesson plans–without sacrificing your nights and weekends!

Today you will hear:

  • [00:20] Join our FREE Live Training on Strategic Lesson Planning to save you time!
  • [01:45] A way too common (and frustrating) scenario in the classroom.
  • [04:05] The shockingly simple solution to classroom chaos 
  • [05:25] The first game-changing strategy that will improve your classroom tremendously. 
  • [06:48] How to begin each day with a bell ringer
  • [10:58] The best way to end each class period

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