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Ep 55: Help Eliminate Classroom Behavior Problems

A whole new world emerges in your classroom when you are suddenly in front of twenty five students who are smiling, focused, and eager to learn. It is such an incredible experience to teach students who love attending your class, and before your eyes roll too many times, I want to tell you that it IS possible. No matter where you teach, no matter what you teach, and no matter how your classes have been up until now, it is possible to feel successful and enthusiastic in your classroom each day. 

Let me say it again for dramatic effect. No matter what your current obstacles in the classroom may be, you CAN create and teach lessons that will engage your students, make the period fly by, and eliminate almost every behavior problem you’re currently experiencing

Once you’ve experienced the magic one time, you’ll never go back, and today’s episode will help you do exactly that. While we can’t give you every trick and tool in a single podcast episode, today I will share a simple and easy-to-implement ELA activity that will engage your students immediately, but also get you excited and motivated to create even more fun and engaging activities that you can weave into your every day lesson plans.  

In addition to the game we share today, we also are running a FREE live workshop to help you plan standards-aligned lessons that will hook your kids, without taking over your nights and weekends. Join us! 
*Please note this live event has passed

Today you will hear:

  • [00:38] Watch our FREE training workshop
  • [02:23] The EB Teacher’s Club is open!
  • [04:35] The new world of possibilities that opens when students are engaged
  • [07:10] A simple and easy-to-implement activity to engage your students today
  • [12:20] The standards and objectives this activity covers

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Then, pick the date you’re going to teach it in your classroom, and sit back while you watch as your students show up to your classroom pumped about what the day holds…and gush about your class to their parents on the car ride home!

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