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Ep 61: Breaking Curriculum Traditions with Amanda and Marie

Amanda and Marie met in 2019 as presenters at a conference, and the two veteran, creative, and kick-butt teachers became fast friends. These women are lit up by breaking the mold in the classroom and bravely pursuing the most dynamic, effective, and progressive teaching techniques. But both women understand that  bravely pursuing the best teaching practices isn’t always easy. It takes confidence, community, and a sense of humor. 

And that is exactly why they began their new podcast, Brave New Teaching. So much about teaching is growing through exploration, listening to your intuition, and being willing to try, fail, and try again. In today’s episode, Amanda and Marie are open and honest about their experiences being brave in their classrooms, and they offer practical advice on how to get started in your own. 

This episode will leave you itching to get started on that unit you’ve been dreaming up, or motivated to have that important curriculum conversation with your department head. If you need a little empowerment, tune in. 

Find more from Amanda and Marie on their blogs and by tuning into their new podcast, Brave New Teaching. 

Today you will hear:

  • [01:24] A bit about Amanda and Marie
  • [06:15] The why behind Amanda and Marie’s new podcast: Brave New Teaching
  • [12:50] How to embrace the idea of teaching bravely
  • [19:05] Why thematic and inquiry-based units can foster creativity and experimentation
  • [20:25] Why the podcast, Brave New Teaching, will give you the teaching community you need

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