Ep 62: Three Tips to Start Batch Planning Your Lessons Now - EB Academics

Ep 62: Three Tips to Start Batch Planning Your Lessons Now

This episode is very special because I have Jessica Cannata, the other half of EB Academics, here with me today. We’re tackling one of our all-time favorite topics–batch lesson planning (without losing your mind). When we taught together at a school in L.A., we were definitely the teachers who got some side-eye because we usually walked out the door just minutes after the students. 

We also enjoyed stress-free weekends filled with all things friends and family because we knew our lessons were planned, our copies were made, and we were prepared to walk in the door and teach on Monday. 

This teaching life, however, only became possible one we both got serious about batch planning. Though tricky at first, batch planning will completely change the game for you when it comes to the quality of your lessons and life outside of school. So pull out your calendar and get ready to learn the benefits of batch planning as well as three tips to make it work for your classes today. 

If you try it out, tell us what you think! We love to hear from you in the comments. And be sure to snag our free murder mystery lesson download so you can get day one of of your batched lesson plans checked off! 

Today you will hear:

  • [02:20] The benefits to batch planning
  • [04:50] Tip #1 to begin batch planning
  • [07:50] Tip #2 
  • [11:05] Tip #3
  • [13:10] Why staying late on Friday may be the key to your peace of mind
  • [14:55] A FREE murder mystery lesson download 

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