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Ep 65: We’re Celebrating Our Birthdays! A Get-to-Know-Us Episode

Because Jessica and I just celebrated our birthdays, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to shake things up, share a little bit about ourselves, and give you a peek into our lives behind the business. 

The similarities between us are endless, including sharing the same alma mater (though we actually didn’t know each other in college); and to this day, our husbands claim that we sound and act exactly alike. And we really do! Down to our love of early lunches and an ice cold Coca-Cola, Jessica and I have so much in common and work incredibly well together. 

Our journey as colleagues and business partners began almost a decade ago, and today we share a bit about our backgrounds, how we met, and our answers to three surprise questions in order to delve a bit deeper into who we are as educators, business owners, and women. 

Tune in to hear:

  • [01:15] A bit about Jessica (the other half of EB Academics)
  • [03:00] A bit about Caitlin & the parallels between us
  • [05:20] How our similarities make us great partners in business
  • [06:10] Caitlin’s opinion on the one thing that makes a quality Language Arts program
  • [08:00] Caitlin’s advice on what to do if your ELA program separates reading & writing class
  • [08:55] Why Jessica decided to become a teacher
  • [10:35] Caitlin’s experience in her first job 
  • [12:55] Jessica’s favorite adventure
  • [15:35] Caitlin’s professional shift from teaching to working as a business owner 
  • [18:42] Jessica’s favorite high school text

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