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Ep 67: Two Changes to Make Right Now for Teaching Narrative Writing

Do you ever feel like your students’ narrative writing–even after weeks of mini-lessons and revisions–still just kind of…stinks? If so, you are not alone! We’ve been there, and we hear over and over from teachers in our community that their students are not making the writing gains they’d like. 

Your frustrations are totally valid, and it’s a good sign that you want to see significant improvements in your students’ work! The problem is that, so often, when we complain or feel aggravated by our students’ lack of success, we often attribute it to a failure on their part. But what if our students’ struggles actually reflect an area of weakness that we, as the teachers, have?

In today’s episode, Jessica and I unpack two reasons your students’ narrative writing isn’t meeting your expectations, and we share exactly how you can change that! Prepare to put your ego aside and learn some simple strategies to dramatically improve your instruction and get you and your students the writing results you’ve always wanted. 

Tune in to hear:

  • [00:35] Why we may be the reason our students aren’t making writing growth
  • [02:35] Change #1 you should make in your instructional approach
  • [04:30] How our Narrative Writing Course and Eb Teacher’s Club supports our approach to narrative writing 
  • [07:05] How our Bell Ringers support narrative writing skills
  • [07:45] Change #2 you should make in your instructional approach for narrative writing
  • [12:05] All about our FREE Narrative Writing Training on June 25th
  • [12:45] Our brand new and FREE writing guide to help students master the writing standards 

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