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Ep 68: Why You Have to Throw a Publishing Party

Sometimes getting students through the end of a writing piece can feel like dragging yourself up the side of a mountain you weren’t expecting to climb. It can leave you frustrated, wishing you had prepared differently, and just wanting it to all be over. 

We get it! Teaching writing is hard work! And that’s why we’ve been chatting all about the ways to make teaching narrative writing easier and more productive. Today, we’re adding to the narrative conversation by making our case for why you absolutely must celebrate your students’ writing successes by throwing a publishing party. 

Now, I can already hear the groans and see the eyes roll at even the thought of adding another component to your writing units, but I promise you that what we share in today’s episode will be worth your time.

In fact, we make the argument that hosting a publishing party–and telling your students about it beforehand–will actually improve your students’ writing and make the entire writing process run more smoothly. We also offer tips for going big with your publishing party or keeping it quick and simple. Either way, you will be wow-ed with the results, and your students will feel accomplished and engaged. 

Tune in to hear:

  • [00:30] All about how last week’s episode is a must-listen
  • [01:20] About our free narrative writing training on June 25th that will help you plan out your narrative writing units throughout the year. 
  • [02:15] Why throwing a publishing party isn’t nearly as daunting as you think it is
  • [02:35] The problem with not throwing publishing parties
  • [03:14] How publishing parties improve student outcomes
  • [05:30] Ways to make publishing parties work online!
  • [05:45] The first simple way you can host a publishing party
  • [08:00] The second to host a publishing party
  • [10:45] How you can use Flipgrid to showcase students’ work!
  • [11:05] About our favorite app called Book Creator to celebrate narrative writing
  • [12:30] A bonus suggestion for commemorating your students’ writing growth with Futureme  

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One Comment

  • I loved this episode. You should make some of your pretty photography available for teachers to use as Google Classroom banners (there is a specific pixel size, but I can’t remember it off the top of my head).


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