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Ep 69: An A-Ha Moment From a One-Room Schoolhouse That Will Change the Way You Teach Narratives

Maybe you can relate to our EB Teacher’s Club and Narrative Writing Course member, Melissa Nakamura. Before enrolling in our writing course, Melissa’s lessons for narrative writing were pieced together and often unorganized. While she had no problem getting students engaged in the idea of writing a narrative piece, she did struggle to create a logical sequence of lessons that resulted in strong finished products from her students. 

Melissa knew she wanted to add more structure to her narrative writing units, but didn’t want to limit her students’ creativity or enjoyment of the writing process. Does any of this ring true for you, too? 

Today’s episode will help! On the podcast, Melissa shares how the EB Narrative Writing Course changed not only her experience teaching writing, but also the academic outcomes of her students. She discusses how the strong and logical mini lessons in the course, accompanied by the recommended mentor texts, helped transform her students’ writing. 

To learn more about how our “How to Teach Narrative Writing” Course can work for you and your students, join us for a live webinar where we discuss the program in detail. 

Tune in to hear:

  • [01:10] All about Melissa Nakamura!
  • [03:09] How Melissa taught narrative writing in the past
  • [03:56] Why Melissa’s old ways of teaching narrative didn’t work
  • [04:55] How to balance both structure and creativity in narrative writing
  • [09:10] How the EB Narrative Course improved the writing of Melissa’s students
  • [10:20] Why Melissa loved the mentor texts in the Narrative Course 
  • [12:13] All about the EB Narrative Course mini lessons
  • [14:45] Why Melissa recommends the EB Narrative Writing Course to all her colleagues
  • [16:00] Melissa’s opinion of the EB Teacher’s Club

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