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Ep 72: A Clear Timeline for Spiraling Narrative Writing Throughout the Year

Does it ever feel like you cannot possibly squeeze another thing into your curriculum? Does the thought of teaching narrative multiple times throughout the year feel like a complete joke? If so, we totally get it. It felt unrealistic to us, too, until we got super intentional about planning ahead and structuring our units around meaningful writing practice. 

We strongly believe that practice makes perfect, which means that students need multiple opportunities throughout the year to practice every genre of writing. Writing should be an integral part of your curriculum, but the writing process doesn’t need to take weeks and weeks each time you assign a new prompt. 

In today’s episode, Jessica and I share five simple opportunities to get your students practicing narrative writing throughout the year. With just a little bit of planning, these ideas can easily be woven into any curriculum, and the results in your students’ writing will definitely be worth it!

To gain even more helpful strategies for teaching narrative writing efficiently and effectively throughout the school year, sign up for our FREE live training! We can’t wait to share the strategies that have changed the game for our students! 
*Please note this live event has passed

Tune in now to hear:

  • [03:20] Why you should start the school year with narrative writing
  • [04:30] Our strong belief that writing should not be taught just once
  • [05:35] How to lay the foundation for narrative writing, and why our scope and sequence will save you
  • [06:55] How to revisit narratives in October
  • [08:57] A simple way to incorporate narratives again during the winter season 
  • [10:20] Another opportunity to weave in narrative in February
  • [11:38] How to wrap up the year with an engaging narrative piece!
  • [13:40] How to map out plans for your year right now
  • [14:25] All about our narrative writing FREE live training! Join us!
    Please note this live event has passed

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