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Ep 74: What Can Beverly Hills 90210 Teach Us About Improving Students’ Success in Writing?

Are there any 90210 fans out there? Because I, for one, absolutely loved the show! It was cringey and dramatic, but it totally hooked me from the beginning. The crazy thing was, during its first season, it actually got really poor ratings. The show was in danger of being cancelled, but, fortunately, producer Aaron Spelling swooped in with an unconventional idea that ended up saving the series! 

Instead of waiting an entire year to air the second season of 90210, Spelling kept the show going through the summer months, when many other shows were taking a break. This move ended up turning the show’s ratings around! And it got me thinking… Why do we, as teachers, often teach writing in isolated “seasons”? 

When I ask colleagues, they often share that it’s because teaching writing is overwhelming, exhausting, and, worst of all, kids hate it. I totally get it, and I used to feel that way about teaching writing, too. Fortunately, it all changed when I mastered a framework that works and learned to incorporate literary analysis into my class, frequently, but in ways that didn’t make kids groan. (To spice up your literary analysis essays, grab this FREE template!) 

Today on the podcast, we share three unique and engaging ways to get your students analyzing and writing about literature without even realizing it! Plus, if you’re looking to take your entire writing instruction approach to the next level, join us for our FREE live masterclass and learn our proven strategies to get your students writing like never before! 
*Please note this live event has passed

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:28] Jessica geeks out on the behind-the-scenes of 90210
  • [02:20] How the show found major success 
  • [03:05] Why how we teach writing should be more like 90210 
  • [03:50] Why literary analysis should be taught throughout the year
  • [05:20] How to gain confidence in teaching literary analysis
  • [07:10] Three ways to incorporate literary analysis into your year without hearing groans from students, plus a FREE Graphic Essay Template
  • [15:10] Why practicing literary analysis all year will enhance all other genres of students’ writing
  • [15:45] All about our FREE live masterclass in July all about becoming the rockstar writing teacher at your school
    *Please note this live event has passed

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