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Ep 75: How Breaking the Rules Just Might Improve Test Scores

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Have you ever been given a directive at school but known in your heart that it wasn’t quite right for kids? If so, you’re not alone. 

Sometimes well-intentioned curriculum plans, classroom structures, or content demands fall short of what we, as experienced educators, know to be in the best interest of our students. The problem is that teachers are often stuck between wanting to serve their students well and also wanting to comply with school expectations. 

In today’s episode, we do something a little unconventional. We actually encourage you to break the rules, raise the bar, and take your students to new heights. Caitlin shares her experience defying (and then quickly exceeding) the expectations of her school administration when she knew in her heart that she could produce better results than the provided writing curriculum. 

Listen in to hear how Caitlin’s secret implementation of the EB Writing Approach wildly improved her students writing scores and wow-ed her principal. Plus, get concrete strategies to implement and consider before you go breaking the rules at your school! 

And, if you know that your writing instruction isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, join us for our FREE live masterclass and learn our proven strategies to get your students writing like never before! *Please note this live event has passed

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:30] Why Cailtin considers herself a rule-breaker
  • [01:05] Why Jessica has to follow directions, no matter what 
  • [02:50] The first time Caitlin decided to break the rules at school
  • [04:30] How Caitlin approached changing things up in her classroom
  • [06:20] How Caitlin wow-ed her principal with incredible results 
  • [07:50] Caitlin’s advice for any teacher who is considering “breaking the rules”
  • [12:55] Caitlin’s students’ incredible test score achievements 
  • [15:30] All about our FREE live masterclass in July all about becoming the rockstar writing teacher at your school
    *Please note this live event has passed

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