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Ep 76: How We Cut Our Stress Levels in HALF During the School Year

Do you want to cut down on time spent planning, prepping, and stressing this school year? 

And if you could, I want you to take a moment to imagine how you could better use your time. What else could you accomplish? How much better would you feel each day?  

Teaching is, without a doubt, a challenging job. There’s a lot to it, and, at times, it can be overwhelming. The problem we see most teachers experience is that they consistently feel behind. And even if they aren’t behind, they feel as though they are furiously treading water each day, just barely managing to stay afloat as they juggle grading, planning, copying, organizing, and contacting parents. Can you relate? Because we were certainly in that position, too, during our first few years of teaching. And honestly, it was miserable! 

Thankfully, over the years, we found that a little preparation goes a long way. In fact, spending just a few hours now could change your ENTIRE year. Listen to this episode to hear why we strongly encourage you to create a scope and sequence for your year. Plus, hear how we scheduled different units into our own! Whether you use our timing, or adjust and do what works for you, creating a scope and sequence for your school year today will completely change the way you teach all year long. 

Give it a try, and tell us how it goes! 

And, if you know that your writing instruction isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, join us for our FREE live masterclass and learn our proven strategies to get your students writing like never before! *Please note this live event has passed

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:05] How creating a scope and sequence changes everything! 
  • [01:40] Why scheduling writing should take center stage 
  • [03:10] Why spiraling your writing instruction is important
  • [04:15] How you might want to start your year
  • [07:10] Why narrative writing is a little different 
  • [11:00] The perfect time for descriptive writing
  • [12:30] The best time for a persuasive unit
  • [13:30] Similarities between persuasive writing and the EB Approach
  • [14:30] The perfect time for argumentative writing and how we introduce it!
  • [19:30] All about our FREE live masterclass in July all about becoming the rockstar writing teacher at your school
    *Please note this live event has passed

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