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Ep 79: 4 Things The Bachelor Can Teach You About Creating Engaging Lessons

Today is going to be the MOST dramatic podcast episode EVER. Just kidding, but did that sentence remind anyone else of Chris Harrison at every single rose ceremony in the hit series, The Bachelor?

We cracked up thinking back on all the different bachelors over the years, where they are now, and which ones were our favorites. I certainly spent too many Monday nights up far past my bedtime because I just had to know how the show ended that week. 

The Bachelor has been around for a really long time, and there’s a reason that it’s a seriously binge-worthy TV series! It’s incredibly engaging, and it got us thinking… What can this successful TV series teach us about how to create engaging lessons?

Today on the podcast, we share four strategies for making any lesson more engaging. And fortunately, they’re simple! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need tons of time or hundreds of props to create an unforgettable lesson for your students. We share tips to take your current plans to the next level. Listen in to get your students more excited about learning this year.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:40] A bit about Shana! 
  • [03:35] Tip #1 for lesson planning
  • [05:00] A simple way to add some fun to a lesson with minimal effort
  • [06:07] Tip #2 for lesson planning
  • [08:10] Why faking it until you make is ok!
  • [08:42] Tip #3 for lesson planning
  • [10:10] All about one-pager choice boards!
  • [11:20] Tip #4 for creating engaging lessons
  • [13:48] How your attitude can change an entire lesson

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