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Ep 80: Quick and Easy Tips to Get Your Students Mastering the Writing Standards

Are you like me? Do you often have to stop and reread the Common Core State Writing Standards more than once just to understand what the heck it’s actually trying to say? 

Those standards are jam-packed, and it definitely takes some concentration and careful thought to uncover exactly what our lessons should cover in order to meet them. It’s also incredibly overwhelming to read all ten of those writing standards and decide how to tackle each one. 

And making those writing standards engaging? You’re not alone if the millions of ideas swirling in your brain give you a headache. 

In this episode, we’ve got your back. We share strategies to simplify the standards and make them engaging for your students. Plus, we offer you a FREE writing guide that will be the perfect resource to keep on hand as you go about planning all your writing units. Let’s make teaching writing stress-free and fun!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:10] All about a FREE writing guide we’ve created for you
  • [02:10] The first writing standard we’re going to tackle
  • [03:00] How to tackle this argumentative standard creatively
  • [03:48] Using choice to enhance engagement
  • [04:40] Why using mysteries will help students learn!
  • [05:48] The second writing standard we tackle
  • [06:20] How to incorporate an investigation trail for expository writing

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One Comment

  • I’ve never heard of the idea investigation trail…THANK YOU!


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