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Ep 82: 3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Students Engaged Remotely

Raise your hand if your eyes have ever glazed over in a Zoom meeting. In all likelihood, your hand is up, because mine certainly is! As middle school teachers, we know how difficult it was for students to focus even when we were in school. Now that so many of us are online, we have a whole new challenge in keeping students engaged. 

Today’s episode will help! We explain three simple and incredibly engaging strategies you can implement tomorrow to make your digital classroom more fun and productive for your students. Engaging content and delivery is more important now than ever, so we take the overwhelm out of the equation to help you and your students enjoy each day online just a little bit more. And, if you’re not online, these strategies work perfectly in the classroom, too!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:10] How to make a digital scavenger hunt
  • [05:15] How to offer students choice in creative ways
  • [07:45] How to create SIMPLE digital escape room
  • [11:50] Grab our FREE Writing Guide

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