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Ep 84: What’s Preventing You From Having Your Best School Year Yet

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Do you think you can prepare yourself for a little tough love today? And, hang on, I know what you’re thinking… everything about this year already feels like tough love! But hear us out, because what we’re going to share today just might turn your entire year around. 

You may not know this, but Jessica and I are fascinated by the power of mindset to achieve big goals. In fact, mindset plays a huge role in our company’s strategy and in everything we produce for our EB Teachers. But with all the challenges of this year, we’ve noticed that teachers are really (and understandably) struggling. From conversations we observe online, it’s clear that many teachers are getting trapped in negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs. 

Today, we want to offer a little tough love so that you feel empowered rather than defeated and paralyzed. We believe that this year can be better than any other–yes, really! In this episode, we share the four reasons you’re holding yourself–and your students–back, and we offer you the pep talks you might need to get your mind refreshed and refocused on all that is possible. I promise that you will leave this episode feeling inspired and motivated to make incredible change.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:40] Why you’ll need to open your mind to a little tough love today
  • [01:30] Three Proven Strategies to Engage Your Students in Your ELA Classroom
  • [02:50] Why engagement and rigor are our core values
  • [04:45] Why we’re calling teachers out!
  • [05:15] How to manifest what you want
  • [07:25] What to do when we don’t know how to do something
  • [13:10] The lies we tell ourselves about our capabilities 
  • [17:10] Why you have to stop the negative conversations and what you should do instead
  • [19:50] Why you need to take note of where your attention goes
  • [22:00] Lean into a new and positive mantra!
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  • One thing that has made the biggest difference for me is my teammates. We have decided that whatever we are facing as obstacles, we are determined to find a work-around. Every teacher in my school gets excited to share a new “hack” or help colleagues find a solution to a problem. We don’t really like the way our school setting looks, but we find the things we can control and work from that standpoint.
    I am constantly telling my students, “I found this really cool thing for us to try, but I don’t know if it will work for us. Try it and give me feedback.” The students love finding new things to teach each other, and me too!
    Thanks for your inspiring words!

    • That is so fabulous, Amy!! It truly brought a smile to my face to hear this kind of positivity :).


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