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Ep 85: Teachers Who Use Engaging Lessons Get the Best Results for Their Students

Do you ever find yourself believing that engaging lessons can’t be rigorous? Or that engaging lessons are fun and necessary every once in a while, but don’t produce the results you want? If you’re nodding yes, I completely understand why! So many of the cute and fun activities you find scrolling through Pinterest are great for entertaining students, but they don’t do a good job actually teaching the standards or providing students with the practice they need. 

The problem with this is that it separates engagement from rigor, and at EB Academics, we believe that every standard can (and should) be taught with both. Today we share an exciting way to teach students how to write a strong claim and prepare for an evidence-based essay using a mystery picture book. Students absolutely love this lesson, and you will too because your students’ results will blow you away! We can’t wait for you to try this lesson in your own classroom!

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Then, pick the date you’re going to teach it in your classroom, and sit back while you watch as your students show up to your classroom pumped about what the day holds…and gush about your class to their parents on the car ride home!

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