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Ep 86: The Real Reason Lesson Planning is Taking Too Long

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You know the feeling. That pit you get in your stomach when it’s eight o’ clock at night and you’re completely fried, but you have no idea what you’re teaching tomorrow. We’ve all been there at some point, but is this you more often than not?

Stop! This is no way to live life, and it’s certainly no way to enjoy your teaching career. There is a simpler and more effective way to lesson plan that won’t leave you panicked, exhausted, and scrambling at the last minute. 

In today’s episode, we break down the exact process that we use at EB Academics to plan every single lesson for our EB Teacher’s Club members. Using this framework to plan your lessons will completely change the game for you. You can kiss late-night planning goodbye, and say hello to stress-free strategizing and kick-butt lessons that your students will love! Listen to today’s episode to hear how we do it and how you can do it, too!  

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:00] All about our FREE masterclass: Three Proven Strategies to Engage Your Students in Your ELA Classroom
  • [03:25] Why you NEED to start batch planning
  • [03:40] How a framework is the KEY to saving time lesson planning
  • [05:35] Why Jessica is a “professional lesson planner”
  • [06:30] Why we plan using the concepts of into, through, and beyond
  • [07:00] The types of lessons and activities that work well for an “into” lesson
  • [08:26] All about the “through” lessons
  • [09:40] All about “beyond” lessons
  • [12:50] Why these three lesson types gives you confidence when lesson-planning
  • [13:55] Join us for our FREE masterclass and Facebook Group!

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