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Ep 87: A Mini Narrative Writing Activity To Spiral Into Your Curriculum

Are you a teacher who begins your year with a narrative writing unit? If you have taught your students the basics of narratives already, this podcast is for you! 

We so strongly believe in the power of revisiting, or spiraling, the standards in an ELA classroom, so today we share a fabulous narrative activity that will pave the way for your students to truly master the writing standards. 

Tune in to hear Jessica describing how she uses the beautiful picture book, Tar Beach, by Faith Ringgold, to engage students and enhance their descriptive writing skills. When we can find fun and simple ways to weave the different writing genres into our curriculum throughout the year, we provide students with the critical opportunities to learn and build upon what they already know. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:30] Why spiraling your writing curriculum is so essential 
  • [01:40] Why spiraling curriculum is so simple 
  • [02:30] An amazing book to guide this narrative lesson
  • [03:40] How to pick one area of focus for this narrative piece
  • [05:15] Why choosing to focus, in this piece, on descriptive language will strengthen every future narrative piece students write
  • [06:40] Why “let it be easy” is our best piece of advice

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