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Ep 89: 3 Reasons to Prioritize Grammar Instruction Now

One of the most challenging things about implementing grammar instruction is that no time ever feels like the “right” time. There’s always other standards to cover, essays to assign, and books to read. So many teachers feel like they can never catch their breath, let alone add another topic into their curriculum plans!

But we have a question for you. How many times this year have you groaned at your students’ inability to write a complete sentence, use commas appropriately, or learn the difference between there, their, and they’re? If you’re being honest, it’s probably too many times to count. And now we have a second question: What are you going to do about it? 

Too often (and we’re guilty of it too!), teachers blame their students for not knowing something, but they don’t take the time to teach it! Let’s change that. It’s October, you’ve seen where your students struggle with writing, and it’s time to implement some targeted grammar instruction. Tune in to hear three reasons grammar is the most underrated topic to teach in ELA and learn why you just might fall in love with it this year. Plus, get some incredibly creative ideas to make grammar your students’ favorite part of class. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:35] Why you should be prioritizing grammar NOW
  • [02:30] Why we should take more responsibility for our students’ grammar woes
  • [04:25] Why grammar might resonate the most with our hard-to-reach students
  • [05:35] How to tie grammar into whatever you’re teaching at this moment
  • [06:20] How to make grammar the MOST engaging thing you teach all year!
  • [10:35] How to spiral grammar instruction throughout your year!

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