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Ep 90: The Difference Between a Good and a GREAT Lesson Plan

No matter what variables you believe are holding you back from doing your job well this year, I want you to know that THIS can be the year you step into the role of the empowered educator. 

This is the year that, despite many demands and challenges, you can feel confident about your lesson plans. You can receive glowing reports from your administrators and emails of gratitude from parents. You can engage and challenge your students with exciting and rigorous lessons. No matter what you feel is stopping you from having this kind of year, we are here to share our best, tried and true strategies for elevating your teaching and bringing your ELA lessons from good to GREAT. 

Listen to today’s episode to learn three strategies to give your lesson planning an extra boost, plus, get a step-by-step breakdown of how we, at EB Academics, create engaging and rigorous content for students, even when dealing with a “boring” topic like punctuation. You’ll leave today’s podcast with your brain swirling with ideas and a new way to plan that is both efficient and effective. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:35] Why we weren’t great lesson planners our first few years of teaching
  • [01:55] The first reason your lesson plans might not be GREAT
  • [03:00] Why EVERY lesson needs both engagement and rigor
  • [05:00] A second strategy to make your lesson plans GREAT
  • [07:00] How having a larger planning framework builds consistency in your lessons and helps your students succeed
  • [07:50] Why you should structure your lessons like an editorial 
  • [09:00] A step-by-step description of how we created a rigorous and engaging lesson on punctuation and capitalization
  • [14:25] How to step into your power as a teacher and elevate your instruction!

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  • Do you have the 5th and 6th grade punctuation and capitalization game from this podcast anywhere to buy or download?


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