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Ep 91: Why Taking the Time to Reignite Your Passion for Teaching Will Make You More Effective

Teachers, I need you to be honest about something. Do you hold the belief, even if it’s in the back of your mind, that, eventually, all teachers get burned out and begin to dislike their job? Do you believe that teaching is unsustainable and that you may get to a point in your career when you never truly enjoy work again?

If so, we understand. The job is demanding. It can be draining on some days. But we also wholeheartedly believe that what’s making it even more challenging, are the negative beliefs that are weighing you down. You are a product of your thought life, and if you constantly think negative thoughts or surround yourself with people who think and speak negatively, you will invite negativity into your life. 

There is so much power in where we choose to direct our attention, and in today’s episode, we discuss some simple shifts you can make, right now, to change your mind and your life–in and outside of the classroom. Today’s podcast will leave you feeling rejuvenated and empowered, and the best part is that you can start implementing our tips the minute the episode ends! Happy listening! 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [02:45] The limiting belief that could be holding us back
  • [03:40] Our belief about teaching that people don’t talk enough about
  • [05:45] A simple mindset shift that changes everything
  • [08:00] Why what we think dictates our reality
  • [08:50] How to take some time to connect to your true purpose as an educator
  • [15:00] Surround yourself with the positive! 

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