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Ep 92: How to Make Every Lesson a Success With the Daily Plan That Caitlin and Jessica Swear By

How your day begins is usually how your day goes. Do you agree? In our experience, a frantic morning can spill into the entire day and leave us frazzled, frustrated, and drained by three o’clock. But that’s no way to live or teach. 

Your mornings don’t need to start with a pounding heart as you scramble around the classroom setting things up, cursing the copier that’s broken, again, and shuffling wildly through papers for the plans you swore you printed yesterday. A few simple tweaks to your daily routine can completely shift your mornings and your entire day–everyday!

Listen to today’s episode to learn the four habits that we swear by. These simple habits that you can easily start practicing today, transformed our teaching experience into one that was calm, enjoyable, predictable, and manageable. It provided us the ability to leave school at three o’clock each afternoon and arrive at school not long before the first bell, our hot chocolate in hand and at ease, knowing our room and lessons were perfectly prepared for the day ahead. This can be your experience, too! Listen in to learn how. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:20] How to enjoy your experience as an educator
  • [01:45] Our first important habit for being an empowered educator
  • [04:10] Habit #2: keeping paperwork organized
  • [06:20] Habit #3: How to prepare your classroom for each day
  • [07:40] Habit #4: How to structure your class period
  • [13:20] Grab your FREE three weeks of bellringers

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Then, pick the date you’re going to teach it in your classroom, and sit back while you watch as your students show up to your classroom pumped about what the day holds…and gush about your class to their parents on the car ride home!

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