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Ep 93: Empowered Educators Know the Power of Baby Steps

Be honest, how often do you pick up your phone, or pop into the hallway, or message a coworker on Google Hangouts just to vent? How often do you hear yourself saying, “I’m so overwhelmed”? I know that teachers everywhere are working tremendously hard to adjust to the new circumstances we’re experiencing, but today we want to help you move past the disempowering feeling of overwhelm, and into the confident and purposeful teacher you are meant to be. 

Sometimes, we just need a friend who will hold up a mirror to us and show us our actions so that we can find a better way. Today’s episode is that friend. We’ve got your mirror, and we encourage you to really analyze how you’re relating to your workload at school (and at home!), because we know there’s a better way. 

Thousands of teachers have discovered the mindset and strategies to avoid burnout, feel accomplished each day, and be resilient to change in the classroom. These teachers are empowered educators, and you can be one, too. Listen to today’s episode where we help you transform your overwhelm into efficient productivity and a positive outlook on life. Because, really, life is too short to dread each day and feel buried beneath stress. Today, we share the tools you need to love your job and abandon the negativity that’s holding you back.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:45] Why you are where you put your attention
  • [02:50] How to move beyond the to-do list panic
  • [03:50] The first step in moving past overwhelm
  • [04:30] The simple solution to move into action
  • [05:00] Why context switching slows you down
  • [07:20] Why your mind is your biggest obstacle, but also your biggest asset
  • [08:30] The reasons you ARE an empowered educator, no matter how you feel
  • [09:30] Grab your FREE three weeks of bellringers to start your classes off right!

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