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Ep 94: Playing to Win Matters More Than Curriculum

We have a question for you today. Are you playing to win? 

Really consider this. Do you have goals in mind, and are you working every day to achieve them? Or are you sitting on the sidelines of your life, wishing things were different? 

Truthfully, everyone, ourselves included, occasionally get sucked into an overwhelmed headspace and victim mentality. It happens because we’re human! But the difference between playing to win and playing to lose is whether or not you stay there. 

In today’s episode, we encourage you to step into a new mindset. We encourage you to nurture a new and improved thought process. We invite you to step into the role of an empowered educator–an educator who creates the life she wants to lead, and isn’t just a victim of circumstance. We all have challenges, but the teachers who succeed in the classroom–feel organized, prepared, confident, and at ease–they play to win. They develop game-plans while others are complaining or scrolling their phone. Listen in to hear how you can play to win in your school, no matter what you’re up against this year.  

Tune in now to hear:

  • [02:40] Our definition of “playing to win”
  • [03:30] Why mindset matters more than the best curriculum in the world
  • [04:00] How our classroom is a reflection of us
  • [04:50] The difference between wanting and taking action
  • [06:45] How to a self-audit of your days
  • [08:30] Why we are products of our thought lives
  • [09:35] How to evaluate what you CAN take control of
  • [11:00] How we overcame a significant challenge in our business
  • [12:05] How to avoid the people or things that are bringing you down
  • [13:50] How to “catch and cancel” negative thinking

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