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Ep 100: Celebrating Our 100th Episode With Stories From Our EB Teachers

Though we weren’t sure we’d make it this far when we began recording the podcast, we’ve done it! One hundred episodes down, and many hundreds more to come. Sharing our hearts, experiences, and knowledge with you has been an incredible privilege, and we are so grateful to you, our listeners, for tuning in. 

To celebrate this exciting milestone, we thought it would be fun for you to hear from eight of our EB Teachers. These men and women, and their incredible successes in the classroom, are the fuel for our passion and the reason behind everything we do at EB Academics. 

In today’s episode, you will hear from members of the EB Teacher’s Club and the EB Writing Program. These fabulous educators share how becoming an EB teacher changed their careers and lives for the better. The transformations they experienced are motivating, inspirational, and the perfect way to close out the year 2020. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [02:10] Christopher’s EB story and success using game-based learning
  • [03:45] Leslie’s transformation since joining the EB Teacher’s Club & EB Writing Approach
  • [05:13] April’s story of success using the EB Writing Approach and Teacher’s Club
  • [06:50] How EB has reignited Sarah’s passion for teaching
  • [08:42] Why Frauline calls joining the EB Teacher’s Club “the best teaching decision she’s ever made”
  • [10:27] Katie’s and her students’ incredible experience with the EB Writing Program
  • [11:48] How Ursula got her life outside of school back
  • [12:50] Shannon’s gratitude for the EB Writing Program and her students’ great gains

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