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Ep 97: How One Writing Teacher Got Her Life Outside of School Back

When Mindy Newell switched from teaching second grade to teaching sixth (after 22 years in elementary!), she had a lot to figure out in terms of her writing instruction. 

Her first years in a sixth-grade classroom were exciting because there was so much time to dedicate to teaching writing, but she was also overwhelmed with all the instructional options. One class had been taught the “hamburger” method for writing a paragraph, but another used a robot metaphor. Conflicting terminology and visuals made Mindy’s writing instructions feel scattered, and she knew she wanted something different. 

Mindy was searching for a writing curriculum that was rigorous, engaging, and effective for her students. She wanted an instructional approach that would serve them for years after sixth grade. 

When Mindy found the EB Writing program, her life changed. She is now able to spend more time with her husband, she feels confident about the writing instruction her students are receiving, and she has a newfound love of writing, herself! Listen to today’s episode to hear about Mindy’s transformation after implementing the EB Writing Program. Plus, learn how she took a narrative writing publishing party to the next level by involving her community! You won’t want to miss this episode. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:40] A little bit about Mindy
  • [02:00] How the transition from second to sixth-grade writing instruction has been 
  • [03:30] Mindy’s experience teaching writing without the EB Writing Curriculum
  • [04:30] Mindy’s students’ experience without a writing curriculum
  • [06:40] How Mindy’s instructional experience changed after using the EB Curriculum
  • [08:30] A fun, hands-on strategy to practice punctuation with dialogue
  • [10:00] How Mindy involved the community in her students’ narrative publishing party!
  • [14:30] How Mindy’s life changed because of the EB Writing Program

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