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Ep 98: Why Being a “Perfect” Teacher Isn’t What Your Students Need

Do you ever find yourself getting sucked down a social media comparison spiral? Do the magazine-worthy photographs you see other teachers post make you feel like you’re not doing enough? 

Or are you a teacher who does have that picture perfect classroom? Do you take immense pride in your work–so much so that you’re terrified of “messing up?”

We’re here to tell you that while both mindsets are totally normal (and sadly very common since the birth of social media), they’re actually hurting you and your students. There is a different, better way to experience your career–and life! 

In today’s episode, we share exactly why a perfectionist or comparison-driven mindset is so harmful to your students’ learning outcomes and your own professional development. We also give you the tools and encouragement to leave your comfort zone, try something new, mess up, and try again. A teacher who unafraid to fail, and willing to be flexible, is the teacher your students truly need. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:40] The quality that truly makes a great teacher
  • [02:30] Why “perfection” keeps us stuck as teachers
  • [03:55] Why failure is an incredible opportunity
  • [05:55] One teacher’s struggle with narrative writing
  • [07:50] What to do if you’re struggling with a desire to be “perfect”
  • [09:50] Grab our FREE, fan-favorite, Detective Murder Mystery Writing Lesson!

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