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Ep 109: How to Meaningfully Celebrate Women’s History Month in an ELA Classroom

By March it can often feel impossible to squeeze anything else into the curriculum. By this point in the year, so many teachers feel frantic about hitting all their standards before the year comes to a close. This activity, though, is definitely worth your time because it not only intentionally celebrates fabulous female contributions throughout history, it also covers multiple writing standards. 

Connecting research and writing to the real-world experiences and accomplishments of historic figures is a meaningful way to show students what is possible for them as they move through school and beyond. Today, we share our tried-and-true Women’s History Month Brochure Project that will engage students and push their thinking. Whether you want to just listen in and get ideas for a similar project, or buy our read-to-teach resource, we know this episode will provide you with a timely and meaningful learning experience for your students. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:20] All about our Batch Planning Live event
  • [02:45] Why it’s a great a time to celebrate historic women
  • [03:30] How to set students up for success for this women’s history month task
  • [04:15] Jessica’s book suggestions to inspire students women’s history month projects
  • [05:20] How to get students excited about conducting research
  • [06:20] How the final product–a brochure–is extremely specific and thought-provoking
  • [07:23] What students will include in their brochure project
  • [09:00] How this project hits several writing standards
  • [11:30] How to get the resource so you can do this project, too!

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