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Ep 113: How to Make One-Pagers Rigorous and Meaningful

If you’ve ever assigned a one-pager (or any creative assignment, for that matter) to your class, you’ve probably witnessed a dramatic variance in work quality. While some students take creative critical thinking tasks and run with them, other students do the absolute bare minimum, leaving you frustrated and your students unchallenged. 

The problem with so many one-pager assignments is that they often lack clear expectations, a strong rubric, or high-quality models. Without these components, it is impossible to hold students to a high standard and make the assignment meaningful. 

Through our own trial-and-error, we were able to create a rigorous one-pager assignment that gave students the opportunity to showcase their best thinking and creativity every time. Listen in to hear how we completely redesigned our one-pagers so that students could enjoy the task and teachers would be proud of the results. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:55] Why Caitlin started using one-pagers in her classroom
  • [02:20] The problem with many one-pager assignments
  • [03:00] The importance of clear expectations for students
  • [03:30] An overview of what a one-pager should be
  • [05:30] How choice can enhance one-pager outcomes
  • [05:45] How to encourage students to demonstrate critical thinking on their one-pager
  • [07:45] How templates and cheat sheets help scaffold this assignment
  • [10:00] Caitlin’s students’ one-pager transformations

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