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The EB Lesson Planning Approach

Jessica here today, and I have to know … did you watch the To All the Boys I Loved Before trilogy on Netflix?

I LOVED it and even got my husband to watch it with me … there’s something about a good teenage love drama that hooks me. It’s probably because I’m reimagining my own high school experience through rose-colored lenses.

And here’s what the writers and producers did so well to ensure that these movies premiered in the top ten on Netflix and amassed a loyal following …

  1. They hooked us in the first movie (I mean, seriously, it doesn’t get any juicier than love letters mysteriously getting sent to all your past crushes!). 
  2. There was a whole bunch of drama and lessons learned in the second movie – really the heart of all the content!  (Hello, John Ambrose!)
  3. They wrapped up everything in a neat bow, letting the audience know what the future had in store for Lara Jean and Peter at the end of the third movie.

And these movie people know their stuff … they had a good story arc with a whole lot of strategy behind it – cliffhangers, conflict, you know the drill.

And we believe that teachers have a lot to learn from Hollywood in terms of hooking your audience, offering some lessons, and alluding to the future, all while providing your students with natural cliffhangers that get them wanting more from your lessons!

We create our resources at EB Academics using this formula (what we call the EB Lesson Planning Approach – something we go into depth on in our book that’s being released in June 2021) because it is the single most effective framework for including engagement and rigor and getting students to master the ELA standards!

PLUS, when you have a lesson planning framework through which to create your lessons, it makes Batch Planning SO MUCH easier. If you’re not familiar with this concept yet, don’t worry, you can binge listen to podcast Episode #62, Episode #63, and Episode #102.

So think of it this way:

  • The into lesson hooks students.
  • The through lessons have “the heart of the content.”
  • The beyond lesson sets students up for the future (and applying what they learned!).

See, just like a good movie trilogy!

Over the next three weeks, we’re going to be sharing more info about our EB Lesson Planning Framework and how to Batch Plan it all quickly and easily (be sure to listen to podcast Episode #102 here), so be on the lookout for some awesome lesson ideas you can immediately use with your own students for into lessons, through lessons, and beyond lessons – so you can see the magic behind this framework.

And, if you haven’t binged To All the Boys I Loved Before on Netflix, now is the time! 🙂

We’ll be back next Monday where we’ll share 3 different into lessons you can start using immediately with any unit you teach.

In the meantime, if you want to get started with an incredible into lesson while you wait, grab our Free Whodunnit Detective Lesson and get your students stoked to find evidence from a mystery story and illustration to support claims and justify their reasoning. This is an amazing lesson to kick off any argumentative or persuasive writing unit!


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