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Ep 117: Confessions of a Principal

It’s no secret that, in some schools, there is animosity between teachers and administrators. From teachers we speak with, and from our own personal experiences, we know that sometimes, it doesn’t feel like everyone is on the same team. When that’s the case, it can be extremely challenging to feel positive and valued at school.

That’s why, today, we interviewed current principal Meredith Essalat. She reminds us that every principal was once a teacher, and more often than not, administrators have tremendous empathy for what teachers are experiencing on a daily basis. 

In this episode, Meredith takes us back to the beginning of her career when she almost quit her seventh-grade teaching position. She candidly shares what it took for her to survive some really challenging moments in the classroom, and she offers wisdom for teachers everywhere who are struggling to get by this year. Meredith brings honesty, humor, and compassion to the conversation as she pulls back the curtain on what life is now like as a principal, and she tells us all about her book, The Overly Honest Teacher. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:35] All about Meredith Essalat 
  • [01:30] A day in the life of a principal
  • [02:20] About Meredith’s book, The Overly Honest Teacher
  • [04:30] Meredith’s best tip for communicating with parents
  • [06:50] How Meredith overcame struggles with teaching in the classroom
  • [10:10] How to set boundaries with work
  • [11:30] Meredith’s advice for teachers who feel like giving up

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