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Ep 118: One Teacher’s Thoughts About Writer’s Workshops

The writer’s workshop approach is a wonderful idea in theory, but practically applying it in the classroom can be a real challenge. How does a teacher address standards when students are writing in multiple, self-chosen genres? What does an effective daily schedule look like? Where do teacher-student conferences fit in? And how can teachers implement the writer’s workshop method without feeling overwhelmed? This episode will address these questions and more!

Today, we are interviewing teacher, writer, and podcaster Jacob Chastain, a middle school teacher who uses the writer’s workshop method every day in his classroom. He will discuss how this method benefits students, how he puts it into practice, and where you can find more information.    

In this episode, you will learn how to practically use writer’s workshop to help engage your students and improve their writing in authentic, practical ways. Next, the tables will be turned as Jacob interviews Jessica and Caitlin! They will discuss their reasons behind the difficult decision to leave the classroom, the benefits of batch planning, and easy methods for increasing engagement in the classroom. Don’t miss it!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:50] Meet Jacob Chastain, a 7th-grade Texas ELA teacher, podcaster, and writer
  • [03:20] Jacob talks about the writer’s workshop approach
  • [05:20] How to use writer’s workshop to help students “make their mark”
  • [08:30] Easy tips for getting started
  • [12:00] Jacob shares his daily class schedule
  • [15:30] How ELA standards can be addressed in the writer’s workshop method
  • [17:30] Jacob discusses his upcoming book 
  • [20:20] The importance of practice in writing
  • [21:20] How to follow Jacob and learn more about his writing and methods
  • [22:30] Jacob begins to interview Caitlin and Jessica, who discuss their difficult decisions to leave the classroom
  • [23:40] Caitlin and Jessica discuss the Batch Planning method
  • [29:30] How batch planning improves teachers’ lives
  • [31:00] Increasing engagement in the classroom by hooking students
  • [34:30] Using assessments effectively
  • [36:30] Caitlin and Jessica explain how the EB approach works effectively and relevantly  in real-life classrooms
  • [39:00] How to Follow Caitlin, Jessica, and EB Academics and find more information on their upcoming book 

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